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UR - Utbildningsradion Sverige

Sånger med TAKK

Using Signs as alternative and augmentative communication in day care is an amazing way to communicate with very small children and children with delayed speech.
Utbildningsradion Sweden made five animated music videos that help you learn the signs. Klas Widén is the composer and wrote the lyrics, and Petra Hellsing sings. I illustrated.
The songs are all from the Tripp, Trapp, Träd series and app, with which I have worked previously.



Aarhus Jazz Festival

2021 and 2022 I have had the honour of being chosen as poster artist for the Aarhus Jazz Festival.

I also write (and sometimes draw) about concerts at the JazzLive-blog, e.g. this piece (in Danish).

You can buy the posters through jazzfest.dk – send them an e-mail.


Aarhus sinfonietta - Aarhus jazz orchestra - gorm askjær

Curiosity Symphony

A crossover between classical and jazz music in the form of a newly written musical, written by Gorm Askjær. I was engaged by Aarhus Sinfonietta to make the art for the symphony.

The violin and the saxophone soloists let med use their own instruments as models.

The symphony will be performed at Musikhuset Aarhus in november 2022.

You can buy this piece in the shop.


Malmö opera - sweden

Väntarna and The Magic IF

2020 I had the good fortune of being contacted by Malmö Opera in the south of Sweden. Would I do posters for Väntarna, by Swedish poet and writer Werner Aspenström, plus the opera-workshop Det magiska Om? Yes, I would. I would be absolutely delighted!

Väntarna, from 1975, is a play about toys waiting for their young owner to return. Kind of like Toy Story, but from the seventies.

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