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Ale 360°

Ale 360

Project Details

Over the years, I have had the great pleasure of helping Ale Municipality in Sweden visualize their work in many ways. 

Most recently this poster: Ale 2050 – my take on what the main square could look like 30 years from now.

The purpose was to make people think outside of the given – to jazz it up a little bit – not to give an accurate image of the future. The real future is up to the people of Ale.

I have never been to Ale, and all of my work has been done remote. I has been working well with phonebriefings and lately online meetings.

My goal is to go there, somewhere in the near future. I will keep you posted 🙂

EDIT october 2021: I finally made it to Ale in person, and had a lovely time 🙂


Ale 2050 winqvist mikromaude

Reports & tools

2021: Som 25 illustrations for use in two printed reports.

All through this, it has been my goal to try to represent the multitude of different people living in Ale, age-wise, lifestyle etc. I am lucky to be working with a client, who finds this equally important.

Styles have ranged from monocolor cartoons to the colourful poster above.


Ale kommun - Anya Winqvist
Ale Kommun - Anya Winqvist
Ale kommun - Anya Winqvist
Ale 360 detail

Ale 360

Visualizing how Ale municipality works with their concept “Ale 360”. 10 illustrations for use in slideshows and pdf-format.



Sustainability goals

Drawing Ale

Another segment of the project was to illustrate how the citizens of Ale envision their own future. This included narrowing down their opinions, copy, hand texting, and research and illustration.

21 illustrations used for slideshows and prints.

A short clip from a meeting with politicians and citizens of Ale, with the purpose of deciding which focus areas the citizens would like the municipality to work on.

Ale 360 Trygghet
Ale 360 Trygghet

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