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Læsehjørnet podcast
Podcast for, and starring, kids

Welcome to The Book Nook

While pitching a different project to the Danish digital library for kids, eReolen GO!, they mentioned that they were looking for a podcast for their platform, and would like a pitch offer for that. 

I am into co-creation with children, and came up with the idea of a podcast starring kid hosts, talking about their favourite thing to do – reading books.

They liked the idea, and I teamed up with my former colleague, Turi / Klædt På, who I knew would be perfect for casting the kids. She managed to find the five stars Molly, Emma, Benjamin, Hannah and Alfred.



Molly, Emma, Benjamin, Hannah and Alfred were quickly put to work on deciding the title. Læsehjørnet literally means “Reading Corner” i.e. The Book Nook. 

We also jointly decide the topics, discuss which books to read or re-read, and they do all the talking. I plan the flow of the episodes ahead, guide them during studio recording, and finally edit the whole thing.

Each episode has had an accompanying animated clip (like the ones above and to the right) for Social Media.

As of summer 2021 we now have a website and an Instagram-account – hope to meet you there!

After initial setbacks due to the current pandemic happening, we premiered in September 2020 with great succes. Weekendavisen, one of Denmarks larger newspapers wrote:
“There is something wonderfully ambitious and daring about letting five kids discuss literature in front of an open mic – without the adults butting in… This is indeed something as rare as entertaining, intelligent public service for the 10-13 year olds”.

We are really proud of that.


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