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Welcome to the abandoned funpark

Your objective in this app is to help restore the gloomy park to its former glory, by solving all the math-puzzles.

Brickit approached me with an idea for a math-app for grade 1 (7 yo), for which they needed a visual side. They already had to renowned Swedish teachers aboard for consultation, and I agreed to do the job. This was 2012 and there were not a lot of school-worthy learning apps out there, made for the Swedish schools

I came up with the concept of the abandoned theme park, and the story around it, and combined this with the different elements from the curriculum, and the insights from the prize-winning teachers. Together with Brickit we redesigned the tasks to fit the medium. I then did the graphics, which all hade to be done in sets of three: gloomy, so-so and sparkly fun 🙂


The app went to the top of the educational sections in the appstore, and got very fine mentionings all around. In this video (in Swedish) you can experience the whole intro-scene. Voice was done by Farzad Farzaneh, a well known children’s TV- and radiohost in Sweden.


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