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Covid-19 self-test

information for teenagers

60.000 postcards...

Sometimes you get an assignment on speed. Just before Easter it was decided that Danish children could return to school again (every second week), but that they would have to perform Covid-19 rapid tests on themselves twice weekly to make it work.


...and more

The instructions had to be ready for their return to school, so in just seven days a whole bunch of postcards, manuals, animated instructions etc. were produced. 

I worked together with Klædt På, where Turi was in charge of the project, scripts, filming, speaks etc.

We made it in time. And mind you, there were no less than five different test types, that each had to have their own manual, postcard, Q&A folder, Q&A film and so forth. Luckily I am a somewhat well organized person…

For what it’s worth, I am rather thankful, that I got to contribute a tiny, tiny bit to fighting the pandemic. It’s very easy to feel useless in a time like this. Remember that you are not – we all just need to not give up on everyday life, and keep on doing whatever it is, that we are doing.


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