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Det der kunst anya winqvist
What is art?

An exhibition from a child's perspective

I had been thinking a while about exhibiting some of my art work, which for the most part is aimed at children. And I really wanted to make it an exhibition FOR children – that children would enjoy.

I became really curious as to what children actually think about art, as a concept. What is art? Even I don’t entirely know, and I definitely wanted to talk more about it.

I prepared topics and rounded up some talkative 9-10 year olds, and recorded our conversations on art.


Conversations on art

I transcribed all the tapings, and found a number of quotes from the children to include in the exhibition.

“Art is when you do something no one thought of until now” says Eigil, 9.

And how about:

“Art starts in your head – that is it starts with your imagination” from Asta, 10.

I also planned to make a few new pieces of art, based on whatever inspiration, I might find in our conversations. That resulted among other things in Hubert the robot, which you can find in the shop on this page.

The opening night was on September 30th 2020 at Godsbanen in Aarhus, a small event due to Corona restrictions, but still great. The exhibition was on display for all of October, and during this time children also contributed to the exhibition with their own drawings, both on paper and blackboards.

And Hubert did not lose one single part!

Det der kunst anya w
Hubert - det der kunst

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